David’s bed

David said “ All the covers have to be tucked in…” and his father finished “…completely around your body and then your stuffed animals tucked in around you too so you are completely protected.” And then his father smiled. Not a ‘you’re a baby’ smile but an ‘I understand completely’ smile. David smiled back, knowing he’d be safe another night and he could sleep peacefully.

When his dad finished with the animals, he kissed David three times, once on each cheek and once on the nose, kneeled down and looked under the bed. ‘Nothing here,’ he said, cheerily. ‘Good night,’ said David. ‘Good night,’ said his dad, and he left the room, leaving the door cracked open so David could call if he needed to.

David snuggled down in his bed, warm and happy, and then froze when he heard a soft thump. His dog had fallen off at the end of the bed, obviously not tucked in properly. He knew he could call his dad back to fix it, or he could try himself but that would mess up everything.

He lay there listening. Nothing. Nothing to worry about. He opened his mouth to call his dad, but then nothing would come out as a cold THING snaked up under the covers at the end of bed towards his leg…


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