Children’s rhymes from Abe’s Hill-Annie’s Knock

Tilda Tilda laughter to visit the moon
finding where the light has broken through
and Tilda Tilda where could the golden following be?
Can you bring me the thing i miss forever?
i sit here longing for you.

Periwinkle tigerlily twirling whirling
tail between your legs

leap leap before you look, leap before the road is gone
find a way, hide a way lovers lie
tell me true: bit and pieces taken together lead the way
You are not what? you are not that, you will be forever

perwinkle tigerlily twirling whirling
like a free-will, light-a-fire, take-a-walk need

Hobble-dy bobble-dy
shiggle wiggle
take a little water by the riverside

nibble tibble skiddle skoo
meet me in the middle
for my true love’s died

i can’t go back
i can’t go on
so we’ll sit by the river in the bright moonshine

Itsy mitsy take a bite
natsy catsy shut it tight
if the boogum knocks tonight
run away but don’t out the light


1 Comment

  1. Tabitha said,

    March 28, 2009 at 11:43 pm

    my 7yo dd is quite inspired by your work-and I must say for good reason-thank you

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